Satterlee Stephens Wins Dismissal of FSLA and NY Labor Law Claims Against Sports Agents


On behalf of football agents Neil Schwartz and Jon Feinsod, Satterlee Stephens successfully moved for dismissal of FSLA and NY Labor Law claims asserted by a former intern.  Although he had never asked for compensation while he was an intern, the plaintiff claimed, five years after he first interned, that he was entitled to hourly wages, overtime, statutory penalties and attorneys’ fees.  After interning for Satterlee’s clients, the intern became a football agent certified by the NFL Players Association and agreed to abide by the NFLPA’s regulations, including an obligation to arbitrate any disputes with another agent.  The United States District Court for the Southern District of New York agreed that the former intern’s wage and hour claims must be arbitrated, even though those claims allegedly arose before the intern became an NFLPA certified agent and assumed the obligation to arbitrate.  Satterlee partner Mario Aieta appeared on behalf of the defendants in the case entitled Hiller v Schwartz & Feinsod, et al., Case 7:16-cv-05447-VB.